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Finding a Buildable Portion of the Void

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Finding a Buildable Portion of the Void

Post by Zkyo on Wed Jul 21, 2010 1:28 pm

If you don't already know, there are areas outside of a map that you can build in. This is true for SOME maps, but not all. I'm not sure how to explain why the areas are buildable, but i can explain how to find a spot, other than randomly noclipping around the void.

Basic layout of a map:

First off, you got the map itself, where all the entities, models, and brushes are. Surely you've gone outside of this with noclip, and found a seemingly endless empty area. Unfortunately, the general area outside of the map cannot hold entities, so it is not buildable. However, on some maps, there are portions outside of the void that are buildable. Here is a simple diagram:

Finding a buildable area:

First, bind killother to a key. (/bind i killother) You will use this to see if the area is buildable or not. If you see the lightning, it is buildable. If you don't, it is not buildable.

Now, turn on noclip, and use /gotopoint X Y Z to check the void in units. Think of the void as a rubik's cube, or a 3x3x3 cube. The center of it is the map. You simply want to check a point in each of the smaller cubes.

When warping around, go out in huge units, such as 100,000. The minimum for most maps is around 20,000, but i use 100,000 just to make sure that I am far enough away. These are the possible areas:

Layer 1 - Z Axis = 0
/gotopoint 0 0 0 (This is the center, which will be in the void. Ignore this one.)
/gotopoint 0 100000 0
/gotopoint 0 -100000 0
/gotopoint 100000 0 0
/gotopoint 100000 100000 0
/gotopoint 100000 -100000 0
/gotopoint -100000 0 0
/gotopoint -100000 100000 0
/gotopoint -100000 -100000 0

Layer 2 - Z Axis = 100,000
/gotopoint 0 0 100000
/gotopoint 0 100000 100000
/gotopoint 0 -100000 100000
/gotopoint 100000 0 100000
/gotopoint 100000 100000 100000
/gotopoint 100000 -100000 100000
/gotopoint -100000 0 100000
/gotopoint -100000 100000 100000
/gotopoint -100000 -100000 100000

Layer 3 - Z Axis = -100,000
/gotopoint 0 0 -100000
/gotopoint 0 100000 -100000
/gotopoint 0 -100000 -100000
/gotopoint 100000 0 -100000
/gotopoint 100000 100000 -100000
/gotopoint 100000 -100000 -100000
/gotopoint -100000 0 -100000
/gotopoint -100000 100000 -100000
/gotopoint -100000 -100000 -100000

Each time you warp to one of these points. press the key you binded killother to. If you see the lightning, there is a large buildable area here. If not, move on to the next. If none of these points are buildable, then no where outside the map will be.

Tip when building in the void:
-Instead of use /place misc_model_breakable 0 model,map_objects.... , change the 0 to *. Noclip to the position you want, and enter /where. Add the key "origin,X Y Z," to the spawnstring.

Origin: 129205 98255 -102564 Angles: (64 72 0)
/place misc_model_breakable * model,map_objects/factory/catw2_b,spawnflags,1,origin,129205 98255 -102564

After placing a few models, nudge them around. After that, you can continue using 0 instead of *, as long as you aim at the model you placed.

Tip #2:
If you have started building something, i suggest you place a target_teleporter there, and place a button targeting it, so that you can easily get back there to finish.

Tip #3:
Since there are no areaportals in the void, be careful when placing buildings together, Make sure that you can not see one building when in/standing on another. Use a teleporter to connect them.

Tip #4:
Place a button or trigger with a message saying to enter "/kill" if you fall off the platform. This is so that you don't have to worry (as much) about noobs falling into the void, and ragequitting from not being able to get out. XD

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