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Building with Brush Models (Bmodels)

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Building with Brush Models (Bmodels)

Post by Zkyo on Wed Jul 21, 2010 2:08 pm

First, you will need Boba Fett's Ultra Utility. Download it here. If you have administrator rights on your computer, download/install version 17. If not, go for version 16. Install and start this before you go ingame.


/where - Lugormod command. Tells your current origin and angles
/!brushmoveorigin (model) - UU command. Tells you what origin to use to place a bmodel where you are standing/noclipping.
/!brushmrorigin (model) (origin X) (origin Y) (origin Z) (angles X) (angles Y) (angles Z) - UU command. Gives you the origin to use when placing and rotating a bmodel.

About Bmodels
Bmodels are Brush Models. They are like misc_model_breakables, but are built into the map itself. The model names for bmodels are not a directory, but a * and a number (Ex: *64). Most likely you will have to search the map for a bmodel number before you place it. These models are special, because unline misc_model_breakable, they do not have to have a square bounding box. The box is literally in the shape of the model, so it can still be solid at an angle, a curve, or a sphere. The drawback to these models is that they are harder to place, and can only be used on the map they they were intended for. If you see a bmodel, this is the only map it can be used on. Anyways, bmodels are tricky to place because their origin is usually not in the model itself. It is at the point 0 0 0. Only the bmodel itself is solid, but technically the entire model is a giant cube as wide as the distance from the origin to the bmodel. Here is a diagram:

In a nutshell, if you try /place func_static 0, most likely the bmodel will be halfway across the map in a random spot. To fix this, you have to use ultra utility to find the correct origin to place it at to get the bmodel where you want it.

Placing Bmodels

For basic placing, bmodels can not be rotated without finding a different origin. For this guide, i will use the bmodel *29, which is the bridge that gets blown up on t2_rogue. Lets start, and say you want to place the bridge above the ship for some reason. Noclip above the ship, and enter "/!brushmoveorigin *29". In a second or two, Ultra Utility will have you say the origin. There are 2 in the scentence. Use the second one.
Example UU: To move model *29 to (234 552 320), use the origin (542 634 120).
/place func_static * model,*29,origin,542 634 120
If you entered this right, the bridge should have been placed above the ship.

Rotating Bmodels

For this, we will also be using the bridge on t2_rogue. Pretend that you want to rotate the bridge 0 -45 0 degrees so that you can connect the ship's platform and one of the nearby buildings. Noclip to the midpoint between the building and the platform, and enter "/where.

Example Origin: -632 933 -20 Angles (62 126 0)

It does not matter where you are when you enter this:
/!brushmrorigin *29 -632 933 -20 0 -45 0
Ultra Utility will have you say the new origin and what angles to enter.
Example UU: To move model *29 to (-632 933 -20) (0 -45 0), use the origin (452 -824 -52).

To place it, enter:
/place func_static * model,*29,origin,452 -824 -52,angles,0 -45 0

Note: You can not rotate bmodels that you intend to use func_door or func_plat with. Those two use the angles, key to decide what direction to move, not rotate the bmodel.

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