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Camera Terminal

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Camera Terminal

Post by Zkyo on Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:37 am

The terminal. Customize the cmds to wherever the cameras will be.
/place lmd_terminal * model,map_objects/vjun/control_station,spawnflags,1,cmd,Spawn,cmd2,Quest,cmd3,Gun Shop,target,camera1,target2,camera2,target3,camera3,message,Cameras

If you want it admin only, add "adminlevel,4"

Now, go around and place these wherever you want the cameras. Be sure to place them on the ground, not the walls or ceiling, and make sure to get the targetnames right.
Model - Default Camera
/place misc_camera 400 targetname,camera1

No Model (Hidden Camera)
/place misc_camera 400 targetname,camera2,model,none

Note: Do not have two people use the same camera at the same time. The server WILL crash. Also, do not nudge the camera while someone is in it. They will get stuck until they kill themselves, and the person’s model will stay at the camera, stuck there until the next map restart.

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