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Drinks at bar [Improved] - Soap

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Drinks at bar [Improved] - Soap

Post by Pierry on Sat May 12, 2012 12:37 pm

I'd like to improve this guide, it's kinda poor tongue

Allright. Let's say you want to have a bartender. we'll put an Ugnaugh. I chose that model cause he reminds of Moe, the bartender of the Simpsons lol, but you can place any model you want.

So we'll do this:

/place lmd_actor 14 model,ugnaugh,torsoanim,BOTH_STAND1

If somehow he's stuck in the floor then just nudge him a bit.

Ok, now place and lmd_terminal

/place lmd_terminal * maxs,16 16 72,mins,-16 -16 0,message,^1B^7artender,cmd,^1R^7ed ^1B^7ull,target,bardrink1

Do /trace (#) on the lmd_actor entity to get his origin. Now do:

/spawnstring edit (lmd_terminal ent #) origin "X Y Z"

On the "X Y Z" type the same origin as the actor. We do this because this makes like an invisible box on him. Otherwise, people could just push/pull him around the whole map.

Ok. Now we'll place the drinks. The first drink will be "Red Bull". So what we are going to do is basically increase the player's speed.

/place lmd_speed * targetname,bardrink1,time,60,count,1000
/place target_powerup * targetname,bardrink1,powerup,10,count,60

I'll explain the keys in both cases:

- time: How long (in seconds) you want the effect to last
- count: The speed you want (default is 120 if I'm not mistaken)

-powerup: The powerup (lol)
-count: How long (in seconds) you want the effect to last.

So now if we try it by doing /interact 1 on the bartender, you'll see that the Red Bull worked and now you'll be really fast for a minute. You can change any value with whatever you want. That's how a good bar is made. You can add 6 different drinks/snacks per terminal. I guess you'll figure out the rest by yourselves. That's all folks! Smile


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