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Rcon Guide

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Rcon Guide

Post by Zkyo on Thu Apr 01, 2010 11:05 am

This guide teaches the basics about using rcon. You will need the rcon password for this. I suggest you do not give out the rcon password to ANYONE unless you are absolutely sure they can be trusted. Rcon can be used to overpower any type of Admin, instantly crash the server, or cause chaos for the players. However, it is a very powerful tool if used correctly.

Log into rcon – “/rconpassword [password]”

Clearing Maps

List all entities – “/rcon entitylist”
List all entities of a certain type – “/rcon entitylist [Entity Type]”
Remove all entities of a certain type – “/rcon entitylist remove [Entity Type]

Giving out Admin

Without rcon, give admin – “/grantadmin [Account Name] [Admin Level]”
Without rcon, remove admin – “/removeadmin [Account Name] [Admin Level]”
List all admins logged on – “/admins”
List all admins – “/listadmins”
With rcon, give admin – “/rcon grantadmin [Account Name] [Admin Level]”
With rcon, remove admin – “/rcon removeadmin [Account Name] [Admin Level]”

Giving out Temporary Admin

Note: This type of Admin goes away at the next map change, when the person leaves, or if it is removed. It can not be used to grant or remove other people’s Admin.

Grant Temp Admin – “/granttempadmin [Player’s Name] [Admin Level]”
Remove Temp Admin – “/removetempadmin [Player’s Name] [Admin Level]”

Temporarily Banning

Without Rcon, Temporary Ban – “/tmpban [Player] [Time in minutes]”
With Rcon, can not set a time, default 40 minutes (I think it’s 40) – “/rcon kick [player]”

Permanent Banning

Note: This will permanently ban the player’s IP address, until it is removed.
Note #2: There a very small chance that their IP may change, and another player could take the banned IP. That is a very small chance though, as there are millions of different IP addresses.

Get a player’s IP – “/rcon status”
Perma-ban – “/rcon addip [player’s IP]”
Un-ban – “/rcon addip [player’s IP]” – Entering this again will allow the IP
List all bans – “/rcon listip”

Various Rcon Settings

Adjust Gravity (Default is 800) – “/rcon set g_gravity [value]”
Adjust Game Speed (Do not go above 2 or server will eventually crash) – “/rcon set g_timescale [value (0.5 – 2)]”
Change Timelimit – “/rcon set timelimit [Time in minutes]”
Change Map – “/rcon map [New Map]”
Reload Map with cheats enabled – “/rcon devmap [New Map]”

There is much more you can do with rcon. These are just a few basic things.

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Re: Rcon Guide

Post by Soap94 on Sun Nov 04, 2012 2:34 am

There are some other useful rcon commands, like

Delete an account - /rcon deletenick (username)


Generate a money stash - /rcon makestash
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Re: Rcon Guide

Post by Shadow on Fri Dec 28, 2012 6:24 pm

/rcon sayasbot is fun to play with aswell
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Re: Rcon Guide

Post by Sponsored content

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