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Single Round Team Quest

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Single Round Team Quest

Post by Zkyo on Thu Apr 01, 2010 11:07 am

This will be a guide for how to make a team quest, where everyone gets credits. For this example, I will be making a Rancor team quest, pay is 500 per person.

The button for warp in – costs 30 CR
/place misc_model_breakable 0 model,map_objects/rift/statue,spawnflags,8385,target,team_enter,count,30,message,Co-op Quest – Rancor

The teleport in
/place target_teleporter 50 targetname,team_enter

Button to start the quest
/place lmd_terminal 0 model,map_objects/vjun/control_station,cmd,Summon the Beast…,cmd2,Exit,target,team_delay,target2,team_exit,targetname,team_terminal

The delay, message, and deactivate
/place target_delay * targetname,team_delay,target,team_start,wait,30
/place target_print * targetname,team_delay,spawnflags,16,message,^3The Co-op quest will start in 30 seconds.
/place target_deactivate * targetname,team_delay,target,team_terminal

/place npc_spawner 50 targetname,team_start,count,-1,npc_type,rancor,health,500,showhealth,1,npc_target,team_kill
Note: For some reason, I have no idea why, lugormod multiplies the rancor’s HP by 4. To fix this, divide the health by 4. Lets say you want the rancor to have 3000 HP. 3000 / 4 = 750, so you would enter “health,750” instead. This only occurs with rancors.

The trigger for credits. Make this as big as the room.
/place trigger_multiple 0 maxs,X Y Z,mins,-X –Y –Z,spawnflags,132,target,team_random,targetname,team_trigger

Entities for making the trigger work
/place target_activate * targetname,team_kill,target,team_trigger
/place target_delay * targetname,team_kill,target,team_off,wait,10
/place target_deactivate * targetname,team_off,target,team_trigger
/place target_credits * targetname,team_random,count,450,random,100

Target_random and warps out. Place at least 3 warps to avoid jams. The random also helps prevent jams.
/place target_random * targetname,team_random,target,team_warp
/place target_teleporter 100 targetname,team_warp
/place target_print * targetname,team_kill,spawnflags,16,message,^3The Co-op quest has been completed.

Teleport for exiting before starting the quest
/place target_teleporter 30 targetname,team_exit

Note: Be sure to have the teleport out part, or the some people will get no credits, and others will get it 5-10 times.

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Re: Single Round Team Quest

Post by agent6141 on Thu Jul 23, 2015 10:39 pm

the console wont restart
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