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Malfunctioning Bank - Requested by Mysterio

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Malfunctioning Bank - Requested by Mysterio

Post by Zkyo on Sat Apr 10, 2010 4:31 pm

This is just a bank that has a chance of malfunctioning. If this happens, the player needs to rehack to get any more credits. For this example, it will be a 20% chance.

The button
/place misc_model_breakable 0 model,map_objects/imperial/control_panel,spawnflags,1

Trigger to hack
/place trigger_multiple 0 maxs,15 15 30,mins,-15 -15 -30,spawnflags,4,usetime,8000,target,bank_hackdelay

Delays to the credits
/place target_delay * targetname,bank_hackdelay,target,bank_hack,wait,2 (This is needed to ensure that the credits unlock when re-hacking)
/place target_delay * targetname,bank_hack,target,bank_random,wait,45
/place target_delay * targetname,bank_hack,target,bank_random,wait,90
/place target_delay * targetname,bank_hack,target,bank_random,wait,135
/place target_delay * targetname,bank_hack,target,bank_random,wait,180
/place target_delay * targetname,bank_hack,target,bank_random,wait,225
/place target_delay * targetname,bank_hack,target,bank_done,wait,270

The malfunctioning part
/place target_random * targetname,bank_random,target,bank_random2
/place target_relay * targetname,bank_random2,target,bank_malfunction
/place target_relay * targetname,bank_random2,target,bank_cr
/place target_relay * targetname,bank_random2,target,bank_cr
/place target_relay * targetname,bank_random2,target,bank_cr
/place target_relay * targetname,bank_random2,target,bank_cr (I entered this 4 times to make it a 4/5 chance of getting Cr)

Other needed entities
/place target_deactivate * targetname,bank_malfunction,target,bank_random
/place target_activate * targetname,bank_hackdelay,target,bank_random
/place target_relay * targetname,bank_done,target,bank_random

/place target_print * targetname,bank_hackdelay,spawnflags,16,message,^3The Bank was Hacked.
/place target_print * targetname,bank_done,spawnflags,16,message,^3The Bank is Complete.
/place target_print * targetname,bank_malfunction,spawnflags,16,message,^1The Bank has Malfunctioned.

The Credits
/place target_credits * targetname,bank_cr,count,50,random,120


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Re: Malfunctioning Bank - Requested by Mysterio

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 01, 2012 9:09 pm

this work n and its rly good


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