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Stash Zone

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Stash Zone

Post by Zkyo on Mon Mar 29, 2010 9:27 pm

Old Style (Easier to set up, but sometimes buggy)
Add to the server.cfg:
seta lmd_stashcr [base amount]
seta lmd_stashrate [# of minutes it takes for a stash to respawn]
seta lmd_stashdepotime [# of seconds needed to deposit a stash]

Then find an area, and enter this wherever you want a stash to spawn.
/place random_spot 0
And place this where you want to put a depo:
/place money_dispenser 0
-You can use "/rcon makestash" to create a new stash right that moment.

New Style (Harder, but more stable)
First, you need to place a zone for the stash. You can set it to fit a room, or fit the entire map. The targetname becomes the zone name.
/place lmd_stashzone 0 maxs,3000 3000 1000,mins,-3000 -3000 -50,targetname,stash

Now, the spawn points. Since there are so many keys, i will reference flipside's entitiy guide.

lmd_stashspawnpoint ***(L)
Point where stashes spawn. Can be triggered to manually spawn a stash. Multiple stashes can be spawned at once. It is possible to make a stash with 0 credits for the purpose of making it use a target when deposited (see the deposittarget key). A new stash will not spawn if the last one has not been picked up. stash spawn points that have been deactivated will not spawn stashes, although they will still run their spawn timers (they will just not spawn the stash when the timer fires). Important: if you want to use the traditional method of one stash spawning randomly, make sure all stash spawns have a random key, else only one point will spawn stashes. Or just set the spawn time to 0 and use a target_random targeting all the spawn points.


1 - spawnmessage global: send the spawnmessage to everyone in the server (rather than in the stash zone), if the spawnmessage key is set.
2 - spawnmessage screen print: send the spawnmessage as a screen print, as well as in the console.
4 - pickupmessage global: send the pickup message to everyone in the server (rather than in the stash zone), if the pickupmessage key is set.
8 - pickupmessage screen print: send the pickupmessage as a screen print, as well as in the console.
16 - dropmessage global.
32 - dropmessage screen print.
64 - startdepomessage global.
128 - startdepomessage screen print.
256 - depositmessage global.
512 - depositmessage screen print.
1024 - resetmessage global.
2048 - resetmessage screen print.
4096 - display stash amount: include the credits amount on all stash messages.
8192 - stashes can spawn here even if a stash has been spawned by another spawn within the zone.
16384 - start disabled. Needs to be used by a target_activate to start spawning.
32768 - reset credits shift when dropped.
65536 - Stashes in this zone will respawn at this spawn. If no spawns have this set, stashes will not reset and just delete themselves.
131072 - Delete the stash if it leaves the zone. See zoneexittime and zoneexitmessage keys.


zone - the lmd_stashzone to connect this stash to. Zones control how many stashes can be spawned at once. Also, this is the area to not let the stash be removed from, if specified.
zoneexittime - If enabled by spawnflag, how many seconds to wait before deleting the stash after it leaves the zone. Defaults to 4
zoneexitmessage - If a player has a stash and exits the zone, this message will be displayed along with a countdown timer. Defaults to "You have left the stash zone."
profession: profession bitmask of who can use this.
minlevel - min level needed to pick this up.
maxlevel - any players above this level cannot pick this up.
playerflags - only players with a flag(s) specified here can pick this up.
minstashes - players cannot pick this stash up until they have picked up this many stashes (from other spawns).
maxstashes - players cannot pick this stash up if they have picked up more than this amount of stashes.
name: the name to use for this stash, defaults to "money stash"
count: number of stashes that this spawn can have spawned at once. Defaults to 1. If this is set to 0, the stash can be picked up by unregistered players, and will not count as a stash deposit (will not count for the minstashes/maxstashes counter).
basedeposittime - time in msecs needed to deposit. lmd_stashdepo can modify this.
basedepositrandom - random amount to add to the base deposit time on pickup. Amount added is random between 0 and this number.
credits: base credit amount
creditsrandom - random amount to add for core credits value.
sound: sound to make on pickup.
creditshift - credit amount to shift per second. Can be positive (increase worth longer its picked up), or negitive (decrease worth longer its picked up). If the stash amount reaches 0, the stash is reset.
creditshiftrandom - random amount to add to offset each credit shift by.
creditshifttime - how many seconds to run the shift for.
creditshiftdelay - how long to wait before starting the shift.
spawntime - time between spawns. Set to 0 to only spawn on use. Defaults to the contents of the cvar lmd_stashrate
spawnrandom - random amount between 0 and this to offset the spawn time by.
stashime - after this many seconds after being picked up, make the stash disappear.
stashimerandom - A number between 0 and this will be added to the stash time.
spawnmessage - message to send on spawn
pickupmessage - message to send to players in the zone when picked up (can be sent to all players by spawnflag)
dropmessage - message to send to players in the zone when dropped (can be sent to all players by spawnflag)
startdepomessage - message to send to players in the zone when starting deposit (can be sent to all players by spawnflag)
depositmessage - message to send to players in the zone when deposited (can be sent to all players by spawnflag)
resetmessage - message to send when the stash is deleted due to leaving the zone or timing out.
color - color glow to emit when not picked up. Recommend making all stashes in a zone use the same color.
light - light intensity to emit when not picked up
pickupcolor - color glow to emit when picked up. Recommend making all stashes in a zone use the same color.
pickuplight - light intensity to emit when picked up.
model - model to use. Recommend making all stashes in a zone use the same model. user mins/maxs
spawntarget - target to use on spawn
pickuptarget - target to use on pickup
droptarget - target to use on drop
startdepotarget - target to use on deposit start
deposittarget - target to use on deposit.

/place lmd_stashspawnpoint 4 spawnflags,169301,zone,stash,zoneexitmessage,You're leaving the stashzone.,credits,80,creditsrandom,50,creditshift,-1,creditshiftdelay,60,

And last, the stash depo. Be sure to set the zone on this too.
/place lmd_stashdepo 0 model,map_objects/imperial/control_panel,zone,stash

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