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Botrouting Guide

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Botrouting Guide

Post by Zkyo on Mon Jun 07, 2010 12:31 pm

Botrouting Guide

Basically, a botroute is a path that a bot will walk around on. I just don't care for them jumping so much >_>

Getting Started
First off, you need to restart jka completely. As soon as you start it, do not enter any servers or load mods. Just enter "/devmap (map name)". It will load the map you want with cheats. Once it loads, enter "/bot_wp_edit 1", then enter "/devmap (mapname)" again.

/bot_wp_add - Adds a waypoint to the spot you are standing in
/bot_wp_rem - Removes the last placed waypoint
/bot_wp_save - Save the waypoints you placed

Placing the botroute
First off, let's make a bind for these two commands:
/bind (key1) bot_wp_add
/bind (key2) bot_wp_rem
I just find it alot simpler to bind the commands rather than typing em in a few hundred times. Anyways, to make the botroute, you just walk around on the path you want, hitting the bot_wp_add key every couple seconds. As you place them, a trail of floating numbers should appear where you hit the key. These are the numbers of the point.

If you want to remove a path, just hit the bot_wp_rem key, and it will remove the points in reverse order (232, 231, 230, etc). However, lets say that you already placed some points after the part you want to delete. Go into the section you want to edit, and look for the numbers. Pretend you see 143, 144, and 145 floating along the path. To delete them, enter "/bot_wp_rem 143", "/bot_wp_rem 144", and "/bot_wp_rem 145". You don't have to worry about breaking the path. Either the bot will just go to the nearest point, or points 142 and 146 will be marked as only-forward and only-backwards.

Saving and Installing

To save, simply enter "/bot_wp_save". Your game may lag a bit, just wait for it to go away. Now, your botroute will be in the directory "gamedata/base/botroutes/(mapname).wnt"

Now, to add it to the server. If it is an online server, you must have control panel access, or give the .wnt file to someone who does. It will go either in "gamedata/base/botroutes", or in another mod folder, such as "gamedata/lugormod/botroutes" or "gamedata/japlus/botroutes".

Special botroute points
When making the botroute, there are also special points that you can place that will tell the bot to do certain things.
/bot_wp_addflagged (letter) - Add a special waypoint. Place the variable letter(s) after that.


j - makes the bot jump to the next waypoint

x - A forward-only waypoint. The bot can only move forward. (121 > 122 > 123...)

y - A backward-only waypoint. The bot can only move backwards. (121 > 120 > 119...)

d - The bot will crouch-walk to the next waypoint.

c - Marks this point as a camping spot. If the bot has certain flags or weapons, such as a disruptor, it will stay at this point and snipe people.

f - The bot will only move to this point if there is a func brush model underneath it. Good for elevators.

n - The bot will not look around for nearby objects and better paths to take. These should not be used very often.

m - The opposite of f. The bot will only go to this point if there is not a func brush model underneath it.

Lets say that i wanted to place a point that tells the bot to crouch-walk to the next point if there is an elevator there. I would enter "bot_wp_addflagged df"

Other Commands
/bot_wp_switchflags (flags) (waypoint number) - Edit the flags for a given waypoint.

/bot_wp_tele (waypoint number) - Teleports you to the specified waypoint

/bot_wp_killoneways - removes all one-way flags on the entire map. If any waypoints are marked with flags x or y, those flags will be removed, but all other flags given will be left alone.

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