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Getting Started - Builders

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Getting Started - Builders

Post by Zkyo on Tue Mar 30, 2010 3:57 pm

Use Control+F and enter the section name to jump there.

E1A - Intro
- E1.1 - Layout
- E1.2 - Keys and Values
E2a - Placing Models
- E2.1 - Models
- E2.2 - Placing
- E2.3 - Spawnflags
- E2.4 - Angle
- E2.5 - Modelscale
- E2.6 - Angles
- E2.7 - Target and Targetname
E3a - Common Commands
- E3.1 - Trace
- E3.2 - Nearby
- E3.3 - Delent
- E3.4 - Nudge
- E3.5 - Spawnstring Edit
- E3.6 - Spawnstring View
- E3.7 - Actions
- E3.8 - Other Commands
E4a - Commonly Used Entities
- E4.1 - Misc_model_breakable
- E4.2 - Trigger_multiple
- E4.3 - Target_delay
- E4.4 - Target_teleporter
- E4.5 - Target_print
- E4.6 - Npc_spawner
E5a - Lmd Entities
- E5.1 - Lmd_terminal
- E5.2 - Lmd_rentterminal
- E5.3 - Lmd_propertyterminal
- E5.4 - Lmd_pwterminal
- E5.5 - Lmd_restrict

E1A Intro
This is a basic introduction to building.

E1.1 Layout

When you are building in lugormod, it seems like long codes that are hard to memorize, doesn’t it? True, but it can be split up into sections that are easier to remember. When building, the most basic command is /place. You use that to place an entity. After that, you add on the entity type, keys, etc.
/place [Entity Type] [Distance Off Ground] [Key] , [Value] , [Key] , [Value] , [Key] , [Value] ...

Lets break apart this line:
/place trigger_multiple 10 maxs,20 20 20,mins,-20 -20 -20,spawnflags,4,target,start

It is much easier when broken up.
- /place is the command
- Trigger_multiple is the entity type
- 10 units off the ground
- Maxs, Mins, Spawnflags, and Target are keys
- 20 20 20, -20 -20 -20, 4, and start are the values for the keys

E1.2 Keys and Values

Keys are basically modifiers for the actual entity. Lets say you just entered this:
/place misc_model_breakable 0
It would work ingame, but it would just be a useless entity. It would not be solid, have absolutely no model, and would be nothing other than a single dot of data on the map, with no purpose. However, by adding keys such as spawnflags and model, you could turn that dot into a chair that you can sit in.

Values tell the keys exactly how to modify the entity. You could just add a plain key, but it will do absolutely nothing to the entity, and possibly mess up the entity if you have more after it.

E2A Placing Models
Baiscs for placing and manipulating models.

E2.1 Models

A model is basically an object that you can see. You can have it just sit there, make it pressable, have it explode, or accept credits. It is the very basic entity. This entity is named misc_model_breakable.

E2.2 Placing
For this example, we will be placing a table. Enter this code ingame:
/place misc_model_breakable 0 model,map_objects/cinematics/table
As you see, it placed a table in the ground. The key “model,” and value “map_objects/cinematics/table” tells the entity to take that form. Walk over it. See, you can walk right through it. That can be adjusted with spawnflags, which I will discuss shortly. Try placing another table 20 units off the ground.
/place misc_model_breakable 20 model,map_objects/cinematics/table
You can see the entire model, but it is still not solid.

E2.3 Spawnflags

Spawnflags are a unique key. Almost every entity uses them. It is a number you get by adding together numbers that give it certain attributes. Unfortunately, the spawnflags are different for each entity. Let’s take a misc_model_breakable as an example. Here are a few flags:
1 – Entity is solid
64 – Entity does not break when used
128 – Entity is pressable

Now then, if we want to make the table solid, you would enter:
/place misc_model_breakable 0 model,map_objects/cinematics/table,spawnflags,1
Enter that, and walk into it, jump on it, whatever. The table becomes solid.

If you want to have more than one of these flags, just add them. Example:
 1 + 64 + 128 = 193 = Solid + Doesn’t Break + Pressable
/place misc_model_breakable 0 model,map_objects/cinematics/table,spawnflags,193
Walk up to the table, aim at it, and press ENTER. Your character should be pressing it.

E2.4 Angle

If you are building, and you want to place an entity, but it is facing the wrong way, you use the “angle,X” key. It will rotate the entity along the y-axis by X number degrees. Enter this code to try:
/place misc_model_breakable 0 model,map_objects/cinematics/table,spawnflags,1,angle,90
You can see that the table is now rotated from the rest of them.

Although you can rotate an entity any amount, it is suggested to not stray to far from increments of 90. (90, 180, 270, etc). If you do something other than that, it makes the bounding box (the area that is solid) larger. Try rotating it by 45 degrees instead,
/place misc_model_breakable 0 model,map_objects/cinematics/table,spawnflags,1,angle,45
It looks normal, doesn’t it? Try walking around the long side of it. The solid area is outside the table. Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this other than to make it not solid.

E2.5 Modelscale

Sometimes, your table might not be too large or small for the area you want. To adjust this, use the key “modelscale,X”, where X is the scale factor. 1 is default size. You can adjust the scale anywhere from 1/100th the size to 10 times the size (0.01 to 10). Lets try making a table that is twice the size.
/place misc_model_breakable 0 model,map_objects/cinematics/table,spawnflags,1,modelscale,2
Or one that is half of the size, and rotated 90 degrees.
/place misc_model_breakable 0 model,map_objects/cinematics/table,spawnflags,1,angle,90,modescale,0.5

E2.6 Angles

This is similar to Angle, but it allows you to rotate along all three axis, X Y and Z, when Angle, was only along Y. To rotate along these two, use the key “angles,X Y Z”. X is along the X-Axis, Y along the Y-Axis, and Z along the Z-Axis. Lets try along the X-Axis.
/place misc_model_breakable 0 model,map_objects/cinematics/table,spawnflags,1,angles,90 0 0
Or the Z-Axis.
/place misc_model_breakable 0 model,map_objects/cinematics/table,spawnflags,1,angles,0 0 90

Unfortunately, the bounding box error still applies to Angles. Enter this, and check the solid part.
/place misc_model_breakable 0 model,map_objects/cinematics/table,angles,23 102 74
It is much larger than the table now.

Note: It is possible to use negative angles to rotate in the opposite direction. (Angles,0 -90 0).

E2.7 Target and Targetname
These keys connect entities. Let’s say you have a button with “target,hello”, and you press it, it will use all of the entities with “targetname,hello”.

Example, enter this:
/place misc_model_breakable 0 model,map_objects/factory/f_con1,spawnflags,193,target,boom
/place fx_runner 100 targetname,boom,spawnflags,2,fxfile,explosions/hugeexplosion3
Now press the button.

E3A Common Commands
These are some basic building commands you will need to know.

E3.1 Trace
This gives you a basic description of an entity. Aim at one of those tables and type “/trace”. It will say the entity type, spawnflags, possible targets and targetnames, the entity number, and the Mins/Maxs. Also, if you already know the entity number, you can trace it without aiming at it. “/trace [entity number]”

E3.2 Nearby
This command lists all entities within 100 units of you. To test it, stand in the un-solid table and enter “/nearby” It will create a small list of all nearby entities and their numbers.

E3.3 Delent
This is used for deleting entities. Just enter “/delent” to delete the entity you are aiming at, if it is solid. If it is not, stand near the entity and type /nearby, then “/delent [Entity Number].

E3.4 Nudge
Use this to move entities. Usage: “/nudge X Y Z” or “/nudge [Entity Number] X Y Z”. If the object is solid, use the first one, if not, the second.

E3.5 Spawnstring Edit
Use this if you made a slight mistake, or you want to adjust an entity. If it is solid, aim at it and type “/spawnstring edit [key] [value]”. If not, get the entity number, and “/spawnstring edit [Entity Number] [Key] [Value]. Note: If a value has a space in the middle of it, put the entire value in quotes. Example:
/spawnstring edit 132 message “Hello There”

E3.6 Spawnstring View
Usage: “/spawnstring view” or “/spawnstring view [Entity Number]”. This will show you the entire command of an entity.

E3.7 Actions
“/actions undodelete respawn” – Respawn the last entity deleted
“/actions undoplace” – Delete the last entity spawn

E3.8 Other Commands
“/blowup” – Blow up a solid object you are aiming at. Warning: It does not give you the spawnstring, and you can not use “/actions undodelete respawn”. Be careful when using.
“/placecannon” – Places a turret where you aim

E4A Commonly Used Entities
Covers misc_model_breakable, trigger_multiple, target_delay, npc_spawner, target_teleporter, and target_print.

E4.1 Misc_model_breakable
Already covered mostly above, so I will not go into detail. It places a general object that can be used for many things.
/place misc_model_breakable 0 model,map_objects/nar_shaddar/table01,spawnflags,1

E4.2 Trigger_multiple
Creates an invisible area, that if you walk into, fires it’s target. Can be set to be pressable.
/place trigger_multiple 0 maxs,20 20 30,mins,-20 -20 -30,spawnflags,4,target,warp

E4.3 Target_delay
Creates a delay before it fires its target. The “wait,” key is in seconds. Ex: 20 sec = “wait,20,”
/place target_delay * targetname,start,target,delay,wait,30

E4.4 Target_teleporter
When this is targeted, it causes the player to teleport this exact point. Can use angles with this. Place it at least 20 units above the ground to avoid warping in the middle of the ground.
/place target_teleporter 30 targetname,warp,angle,45

E4.5 Target_print
Displays a message onscreen when targeted.
4 – Only the player who uses this will see the message
16 – Message shows up in the chat area
8 – Message appears in the console
/place target_print * targetname,print,spawnflags,16,message,^4Hello All

E4.6 Npc_spawner
Spawns an npc. Use “count,-1” to only spawn when targeted.
Npc_target – When the npc dies, it fires this
Npc_target5 – When killed, the person who killed it fires this. Use with quests.
/place npc_spawner 30 npc_type,reborn,count,-1,target,name,start,npc_target5,done,health,2000,showhealth,1

E5A Lmd entities
Covers Lmd entities.

E5.1 Lmd_terminal
Creates a button, but when pressed, gives you a choice of up to 6 things to fire.
“cmd,” – Message to display for first option
“cmd2, - cmd6,” – same as above, but 2nd through 6th
“target,” – what to fire when first open is choosen
“target2, - target6,” – Same, but 2nd through 6th
“message,” – Name for the terminal

/place lmd_terminal 0 model,map_objects/vjun/control_station,cmd,Option 1,cmd2,Option 2,cmd3,Option 3,target,number1,target2,number2,target3,number3,message,^3Make a choice

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Re: Getting Started - Builders

Post by fetzjr on Fri Dec 17, 2010 12:05 pm

i though building was hard.... Mf forum does not tell it right, they just tell u to do somin .... like place a model.... but they dont tell u wut each part of the code means.....unlike u Smile))))) tytyTYTYTYTYTyty
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Re: Getting Started - Builders

Post by Zkyo on Fri Dec 17, 2010 3:43 pm

you're welcome Very Happy

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Re: Getting Started - Builders

Post by Pierry on Sat Dec 18, 2010 5:16 am


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Re: Getting Started - Builders

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Re: Getting Started - Builders

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