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Post by Zkyo on Thu Sep 02, 2010 9:18 am

I can't believe i never noticed this before... The forum's permissions were seriously screwed up. I mean, guests could post stickies and global announcements, while moderators couldn't even delete their own posts. Either way, its fixed.

-Can comment in most forums
-Can create new topics in some areas
-Can not edit or delete their posts
-Can vote in polls

Registered Members:
-Can comment in all forums
-Can create new topics everywhere except Submitted Guides
-Can edit and delete their own posts
-Can vote and create polls

-Can comment and create topics everywhere
-Can edit everyone's posts
-Can edit/delete their own posts
-Can make stickies, announcements, and global announcements
-Can vote and create polls
-Has access to a hidden section

-Full access to everything

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