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Post by Soap94 on Thu Nov 22, 2012 10:28 pm

Hi there people, I'd like to post a little guide on how to make a "fighting arena", a certain area where if you kill someone, you get credits.

Basically, all you have to do is making an lmd_event fire a playercheck, with a certain ammount of playerflags, that will be granted only if the player dies. This means that, if you don't have the flags, and kill another player, you'll get the CR and a message will be printed. But if you die, regardless if it's by somebody else or by suicide, nothing will happen (But you can add a print saying "You've lost the combat" if you want).

The codes are:

The lmd_event:

/place lmd_event 0 maxs,xx yy zz,mins,-xx -yy -zz,spawnflags,1,killtarget,arena_check,deathtarget,arena_flags

The playercheck:

/place lmd_playercheck * targetname,arena_check,target,arena_nothing,target2,arena_win,playerflags,1

NOTE: On target I used "arena_nothing" as its name because if you suicide, or in other words, if you have flags 1, nothing will happen, so you can't get credits by killing yourself many times.

The credits and message:

/place target_credits * targetname,arena_win,count,150
/place target_print * targetname,arena_win,spawnflags,20,message,You have won ^2150 CR ^7for defeating your opponent!

And finally, the flags

/place lmd_flagplayer * targetname,arena_flags,flags,1
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