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Remaps Empty Remaps

Post by Shadow on Wed Aug 04, 2010 12:17 am

I have a question regarding remaps, ive been wondering how tr change the sky on somemaps, and the color/texture of walls and such, i know that you have to do /place lmd_remap * old,.......

But i cant find the rest of the cmd to make it change, i went to a lugormod server and the had tall grass and trees instead of sand,

I wish to know how to do this, it would be very heplful.

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Remaps Empty Re: Remaps

Post by Zkyo on Wed Aug 04, 2010 8:52 am

Basically, for remapping, you would use:
/place lmd_remap * old,(the normal texture),new,(the texture you want to change it to)

I suggest using boba fett's ultra utility to find a list of all used textures on that map. start jka and UU, then:
1) minimize, and open UU's console monitor
2) click clear
3) restore jka
4) enter /shaderlist
5) minimize jka again
6) click somewhere in the console monitor window
7) Press CTRL + A, then CTRL + C
8 ) open notepad, and paste in the entire log

That will give you a list of every texture used. If you can see it, it is in that list. Now, for finding the one you want. You will need to open up the assets1.pk3 with winzip, packscape, or whatever program you use. Inside are several folders. All you will need to look in is the shaders and textures folders.

Inside the textures folder, you can open up and look at each texture. Some times the names of the pictures will work, other times not. Lets say that you want to use the texture grass_ground in the imperial folder. When remapping, you would set use textures/imperial/grass_ground when remapping.

As i said, sometimes a texture may not work right. That means you need to look in the shaders folder. Inside there, are a bunch of files named XXXXX.shader. You can open those with notepad too. Right now, open imperial.shader, and press CTRL + F. Type grass_ground in the box, and click find next. The section that it is in reads:

Click Here:
qer_editorimage textures/imperial/grass_ground
q3map_material LongGrass
map textures/imperial/grass_ground
rgbGen vertex
tcMod scale 0.75 0.75
map textures/imperial/grass
surfaceSprites flattened 48 24 45 400
ssFademax 3000
ssFadescale 2.5
ssVariance 1 2
ssWind 0.8
alphaFunc GE192
blendFunc GL_ONE GL_ZERO
rgbGen exactVertex

All you are interested in is the top line, saying textures/imperial/dp_ground. That is the name of the shader. Use that if you want to remap to the shader.

Now, about your sky. That is fairly simple to remap. Open up the shaderlist you used Ultra Utility to get, and search for "textures/skies". Most likely, that is the default shader for the sky. Lets say its textures/skies/desert. Now, open up the skies.shader file and try a few remaps to see what you like.
Example remap code:
/place lmd_remap * old,textures/skies/desert,new,textures/skies/boba_night

Note: When remapping skies, you MUST use a texture in the skies.shader file, or the server will probably crash.

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Remaps Empty Re: Remaps

Post by Shadow on Wed Aug 04, 2010 7:56 pm

ok, Thanks very much!
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Remaps Empty Re: Remaps

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