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Post by Zkyo on Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:28 pm


An authfile is a file you can add to your server, to basically create a new level of admin, in which you can choose exactly which command(s) to allow a person to use. They are usefull if you want to allow someone to have certain commands, but not others within a default admin level. Example: You want a player to have all commands in level 3, except noclip, or you want a player to only have commands for building. For this guide, we will be making a builder authfile.

Creating the authfile

Authfiles can be made with any simple text editor, like notepad or wordpad. Do not use Microsoft Word, as that uses a different format. To start, open notepad. Click File -> Save As, and save it as "name.auth" without the quotes, changing name to whatever you want it to be, Ex: "builder.auth". Make sure it is NOT "builder.auth.txt".

Name, Rank, and Flags

These 3 lines go at the top of the authfile, and provide the basic information.
Name: The name of the authfile, will be used when using /grantadmin.
Rank: The rank of the authfile. Has authority over ranks below this number. Ex: if set to 2, player can use commands on levels 2,3,4, etc., but not 1.
Flags: This sets certain qualities for the authfile. Add the numbers up like you would with spawnflags.

1: Can use Admin chat (/say_admins)
2: Can call all types of votes
4: Can save entities, you still need to have mapents enabled in the authfile
8: Other players can't spectate the user with authfile
16: Can spectate, even when spectating is disabled through the server.cfg
32: Other players can't use /ignore on user
64: Can use most cheats. Enter individual commands in the authfile if you only want certain cheats.
128: Can use god profession
256: Can use bot-waypoint commands

In the notepad file, you should have something like this:
name: Builder
rank: 3
flags: 76

Individual Commands

To add each command you want to allow, simply type each command in a separate line, without the /.


Restrict and Report

You can also have certain commands be restricted or reported by other admins. When restricted, the person can only use the command if someone with an admin rank equal to or greater than the specified rank is currently logged in. When reported, every person of with an admin rank equal or higher than the specified will receive a copy of the command via console, which (i think) is also copied to the server logs.

place: restrict,2,report,2
delent: restrict,2
trace: report,2

Adding to the server

To add the authfile to the server, simply put it in the directory "gamedata/lugormod/data/default/authfiles". You may need to create the authfiles folder. To give a player the authfile, simply enter "/grantadmin (username) (authfile)" in the console.

name: Builder
rank: 3
flags: 76

place: restrict,2,report,2
delent: restrict,2,report,2
trace: report,2
nudge: report,2
spawnstring: restrict,2,report,2
mapents: report,2
give: restrict,2,report,2
killother: report,2


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