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Forceball Arena

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Forceball Arena

Post by Zkyo on Sun Apr 04, 2010 7:32 am

This is an arena where you can pull a ball around with force push and pull, kind of like you would kick a ball around in soccer.

Start with the walls.
/place misc_model_breakable 0 model,map_objects/factory/railing_new_256,spawnflags,1
Rotate and nudge those to make an arena 2 x 6 of those wide.

Make the goals
/place misc_model_breakable 0 model,map_objects/factory/catw2_b,spawnflags,1
Rotate and nudge them to make 2 goals 2 x 1 x 1 catw2_bs on each end. Close 3 of the sides, but leave the front ones open.

Optional – Flags. Place these on top of the goals.
/place misc_model_breakable 0 model,flags/r_flag,spawnflags,1
Or flags/b_flag

Place a button in one goal. Lets do red for now.
/place misc_model_breakable 0 model,map_objects/factory/f_con1,spawnflags,193,target,red

Enter all these too.
/place lmd_toggle * targetname,red,target,r1,target2,r2,target3,r3,target4,r4,count,4
/place target_print * targetname,r1,spawnflags,16,message,^1Red Team Scored a point. They now have 1 point.
/place target_print * targetname,r2,spawnflags,16,message,^1Red Team Scored a point. They now have 2 points.
/place target_print * targetname,r3,spawnflags,16,message,^1Red Team Scored a point. They now have 3 points.
/place target_print * targetname,r4,spawnflags,16,message,^7Game Over! ^1Red Team ^7wins.

Now, make the button and messages for the blue team too.

Finally, the ball. Place this in the center of the arena.
/place misc_model_breakable 100 model,map_objects/mp/sphere,spawnflags,1,modelscale,.6,gravity,1

Optional – Color the ball
/place lmd_remap * old,models/map_objects/mp/sphere_1,new,textures/colors/_____
Replace _____ with the color you want.
Colors: Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Gray, White

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Re: Forceball Arena

Post by fetzjr on Sun Feb 27, 2011 8:00 pm

This is crazy fun with 2 or 4 people... Over 8 is dumb
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