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Getting Started - Players

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Getting Started - Players

Post by Zkyo on Mon Mar 29, 2010 12:50 pm

So, you've decided to try out the mod. Here is a guide to help you get started.

You need to register ingame to be able to keep track of your credits and levels. Follow these steps:
1) Change your name to something other than Padawan - In the console enter "/name [new name]"
2) Register - Type in the console "/register [name] [password]"
3) Choose a profession "/profession [#]"
1 - Jedi
2 - Merc
4) You can log into this account later with "/login [name] [password]"

Leveling Up
Check how many credits you have - "/credits"
Check how much the next level costs - "/buylevel"
Buy the next level - "/buylevel [cost]"

Adjusting Skills
Format for skills list
Skill # Skill Name Current Level

See a list of all skills and how many skill points you have - "/skills"
Level up a skill if you have enough points - "/skills [Skill Number]"
Note: Each skill cost the same number of points as the level. Ex: lvl 2 costs 2 points, lvl 5 costs 5 points.

Earning Credits
Earn them by:
- Completing Quests
- Collecting Stashes (Hint: Force Seeing lvl 3, Stash Range & Binoculars)
- Hacking the Bank
- Gambling

To pay someone/something - "/pay [amount]"
To drop credits on the ground for anyone to pick up - "/dropcr [amount]"

Other Commands
Interact with certain terminals - "/interact [#]"
Examine a terminal - "/examine"
Adjust any property you own - "/property"
Change your name - "/name [New Name in quotes]"
Find a glich and stuck in an area? Kill yourself - "/kill"
For more commands and definitions - "/help player"

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