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Lmd_iobject Info

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Lmd_iobject Info

Post by Zkyo on Wed May 12, 2010 12:10 pm

Since i haven't really talked about this much, here is a more detailed guide about it.

Entity Info

General keys used by all types:
name - What to name the object
descr - A more detailed description of the object when it is examined
noCombine - when set to 1, the items will not combine
noDelete - when set to 1, the player can not delete this item

-This item will grant the player a certain number of entries into a property.
property - what property to give access to
maxentries - how many times to allow the player access. To allow infinate entries, do not use this key.
count - how many keycard to give to the person when used

-This is like a keycard, but you need to collect so many of these before access is allowed.
Uses the same keys as a keycard, and what is below
max - the amount of keycards needed before access is granted
count - how many keycards this entity will grant when used

-This is an updated version of a standard keycard, with a few keys added.
Same keys as a keycard
max - the maximum amount of times the player is granted access into the property
count - the number of uses added to the keycard each time this entity is used
noAutoDelete - if set to 1, the keycard will not delete itself when it runs out of uses

-When used, this item will give the player the set amount of health and/or armor
health - amount of health given when used
shield - amount of armor given when used
uses - the number of times this can be used

-When used, the player will receive the specified weapon(s). It does not give ammo though. Sometimes the player must get ammo before the weapon appears.
weapons - add the numbers together like you would with spawnflags to give those specific weapons to the player

2 - Stun Baton (Grapple Hook)
4 - Melee
8 - Saber
16 - Bryar Pistol (Teleporter Gun)
32 - Blaster Rifle
64 - Disruptor
128 - Bowcaster
256 - Repeater
512 - Demp2
1024 - Flechette
2048 - Rocket Launcher
4096 - Thermal Detonators
8192 - Trip Mines
13684 - Detonation Packs
32768 - Concussion Rifle
65536 - Bryar Pistol (Old Version)

-When used, it gives the player the specified ammo count.
blaster - Blaster ammo count
powercell - Power Cell ammo count
metalbolt - Metallic Bolt ammo count
rocket - Rocket ammo count
thermal - Thermal ammo count
tripmine - Trip Mine ammo count
detpack - Detonation Pack ammo count

/Inventory usage

Note: You can use these commands as an admin or a player

/inventory - tells you the usage of the command
/inventory list - lists all iobjects you have, and how many uses you have left.
/inventory examine # - # is the index number of the iobject. It is to the left of the item when you use /inventory list. This command examines the iobject, telling you more about it, and showing the description (descr key) if it is set.
/inventory destroy # - # is the index number. Using this command will delete the iobject from your inventory. You will need to confirm after entering this. (/confirm XXXX)

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